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Wedding Tipping Etiquette: The Complete Guide

Tipping is nothing but a form of gesture to thank those who have helped make your special day more extra special! When you see your vendors have really worked hard to make you enjoy your special day beyond your expectation, tipping is always greatly appreciated. But Figuring out how much to tip wedding pros can be tricky. To make it easier for you, we recommend creating a list of who you tip at your wedding and organizing the cash tips into envelopes well in advance of your big day. 

Read wedding secrets’ expert guide to make your life easier and get a better idea of tipping wedding vendors.

Hair and Makeup Pros: Tip Required

Hair and makeup professionals play a pivotal role on your wedding day. They work hard to ensure that you look like a queen on your special day! Thus, it is essential to know how much to tip them— Hair and makeup professionals should receive a minimum of 10 to 15 % of their fee.

Wait Staff: Tip Required

On the ground staff of your wedding day will ensure that your guests receive their meals on time and are served appropriately. Each server should receive about 10 euro or more.

Bartenders: Tip Required

How can any wedding be complete with any boose? Bartenders are the most favourite people of your guests, so make sure you do not forget to include them in the tipping list as they are the ones who keep the drinks flowing all night long—how much do you tip these wedding vendors? Turns out each bartender should receive a minimum of 50 euros or more if you wish!  

Wedding Planner: Tip Optional

Wedding planners generally don’t expect any tip from you, but the gratuity of 100 euro is undoubtedly appreciated. If you enjoyed their service, you could give them a tipping envelope as an appreciation. If your planner had an assistant or assistants on hand at your event, we recommend tipping them an additional 50 euro. 

Photographer and Videographer: Tip Recommended 

The Photographers and the videographers play a pivotal role on your wedding day! They put a lot of effort into capturing the precious moments of your wedding day and help you to relive your special day! Tipping these wedding vendors 100 euro is a nice gesture.

Caterer: (Tip Required only if service fees are not included in the prices)

If you’re wondering about tipping wedding vendors, your caterer will likely be at the top of the list—food will be a super-important part of your wedding! Usually, a caterer’s tip is included in their service fee, but if not, tip 10 to 15 % of the food bill.

Wedding Band Members or DJ: Tip Required

If you plan to hire a wedding band for your big day, it is recommended to tip each player to be tipped 20 euro. When deciding how much you’re tipping this wedding vendor, the rule of thumb is that he or she should receive 10 to 15 % of the total bill. However, you may give between euro 20 and euro 40 for a job well done.

Transportation: Tip Recommended

A luxurious ride has become essential for wedding days; usually, most couples prefer hiring a transportation company to shuttle themselves, their family members, and/or guests. Often, the gratuity is included in their fee, but if not, tipping these wedding vendors 15 to 20 % is appropriate.

Delivery Staff: Tip Required

Showing appreciation to those who transport essential wedding-related items to your venue is very important—it’s definitely a challenging job. You may give 5 euros to 10 euros per person as a thanking gesture to those who deliver floral arrangements, rentals, cake, etc. 

Parking Attendants: Tip Required

When it comes to tipping, do include the parking attendants in your list.

Firstly, estimate how many cars you are expecting (probably about half the number of guests), and calculate the tip of 2 euro per car. 

Florist and Cake Baker: Tips Not Expected

Your florist and cake baker do not expect, nor do they require, tips. However, as mentioned, if you wish to tip, you could always list delivery people who are delivering and setting up your cake and making flower arrangements at your venue as a thanking gesture. 10euro per delivery person is appropriate. 

Destination Wedding: Tipping Etiquettes

If you’re having a destination wedding in a foreign location, it is essential to know the tipping customs of that country. We recommend tipping the vendors in the local currency of the country you are in. 


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