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Ultimate Wedding To-Do List

It’s finally arrived. The big day. After so much planning and preparation, it’s time to celebrate your love in your own special way. You spent a lot of time planning your wedding day. So, on the day of your wedding, the main thing to remember is to relax and enjoy it. But there are a few extra (yet essential) little things that need to be done. Below is a handy wedding day to do list to ensure your wedding day is stress free.

Eat a healthy breakfast

Having a healthy, nutritious morning meal planned for both the bride and groom will make sure you’re feeling energized and ready for the day. Try to eat something high in protein and avoid sugar and caffeine if you can. The whole-grain-fat combo will energize you without the bloat and help fight off nausea that could come with pre-wedding butterflies.

Have a timeline

Having a set wedding day timeline is absolutely important to how the day will go. Every wedding is different, so copying a wedding timeline template you found on the internet word-for-word is probably not going to work for your big day. Begin from scratch, using your ceremony time as a starting point. Make a list of everything that needs to happen before and after the ceremony, and then figure out how long each one will take. You can then begin planning your wedding day schedule accordingly. Assign a member of the bridal party to keep an eye on the time.

Don’t forget to hang up your wedding outfit

The first thing you should do when you wake up is take your wedding outfit (veil included if you’re wearing one) out of the garment bag and hang it up where it can breathe a bit. However, be careful how you do this. Always use a padded hanger for the purpose, and not one made from wiry material that can damage the fabric. Wedding dresses will have fabric loops on the inside. Use these to hang it. Never hang a dress by its straps or sleeves. This can cause the delicate material to sag or rip. If you’re wearing a veil, tuck the comb inside the back of the dress, and let it hang down.

Prepare plenty of food for your crew (and yourself)

Make sure your wedding party has a variety of delicious, nutritious breakfast or lunch alternatives to keep them going till the reception.

Designate and delegate

Assign an organized friend or relative to be at the ceremony and reception early to ensure everything is in order.

Have cash in envelopes ready

After the ceremony, have someone pay for the vendors, suppliers who still require partial or full payment, and the officiant. Have each vendor’s payment ready in a labeled envelope to avoid confusion.

Give wedding bands to the best man to hold during the ceremony

Appoint someone to keep your signed marriage license until the end of the evening so it doesn’t get lost! Designate someone to accept your gifts and/or cards and designate a safe place for them to be kept.

Make a plan for your phone

While you may be tempted to keep your phone in your hand at all times, that can be overwhelming. You will likely get a bunch of congratulatory text messages as well as questions from family members, wedding party VIPs, and vendors. Let someone else (not the groom) handle any vendor inquiries or problems. Give your phone to your mom or someone who has a purse. Try not to overuse your camera, either; the trained photographer will capture the night’s best moments, so you’ll be able to look back on the wedding for years to come.

Prepare a thank you speech to both parents

Dedicate a few lines and a few minutes to thank both sets of parents for raising you up well. Consider giving your mom and your groom’s mom a specially prepared bouquet.

Make sure everyone knows when it’s over

Double-check the end time of your wedding with your venue, as well as the time it must be cleared out, and give this information to all vendors. This will prevent unexpected overtime fees.

Give time to be alone as a couple

You might be surprised to learn that you’ll spend very little time alone with your spouse on your wedding day. So be sure to take a moment after the ceremony for some quality time. Enjoy calling them your spouse for the first time, admire your new wedding bands, and steal a few smooches. And let your caterer know about your plan ahead of time so they can have champagne, water, and a sampling of your hors d’oeuvres ready for you.

Congratulations! Live Happily Ever After!


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