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Should You Buy or Rent Your Wedding Attire?

Despite wedding fashion’s emphasis on the bride and her gown, the groom’s attire is equally important. Men always want to look presentable when they attend an event, whether it is formal or special. The tuxedo is one of the most formal suits that men can wear to weddings, formal dinners, and black tie events.

First and foremost, understanding the difference between wedding suits and tuxedos can be extremely beneficial in wedding outfit planning. Wedding suits and tuxedos differ slightly, which can have a significant impact on where to buy or rent suits for your wedding, as well as the overall look of your wedding.

Tuxedo vs. Suit

In general, a tuxedo is more formal than a regular suit. Both can be worn to formal occasions, but tuxedos are typically worn to black- or white-tie affairs like galas, award ceremonies, weddings, and balls. Tuxedos are typically made from satin or have satin details, whereas suits can be made from a variety of materials like cotton, linen, or wool. A tuxedo may have more formal accessories depending on the dress code for the occasion.

When it comes to accessories, tuxedos are typically more limited than suits, which come in a variety of styles and colors. Suspenders, a waistcoat, a cummerbund, and a self-tied bow tie are all traditional additions to tuxedos. Tuxedos are still worn with black dress shoes and a white formal shirt, though more contemporary styles offer more material and accessory options.

A suit, on the other hand, is much more adaptable. Wearing a suit gives you more wardrobe options than a tuxedo does. There are a few fashion suggestions to keep in mind, even though fashion is all about personal interpretation and your wedding is a time to be your most authentic self. Depending on the occasion and dress code, you can choose between ties, shirts, and even shoes. When wearing a suit, all you need to worry about is making sure it is properly tailored for you. After all, a well-tailored suit, much like a little black dress, can give a person a flawless appearance and mood boost regardless of the event. The right suit can elevate your style and give you the confidence you need for any occasion, from business meetings to weddings.

It depends on the theme of your wedding whether you wear a suit or tuxedo. While both are acceptable, the former is more versatile and less expensive. You can never go wrong with an elegant tuxedo for an evening wedding exuding formality and tradition.

How much does it cost to buy or rent a wedding suit?

When deciding whether to rent or buy your wedding suit, price is always a major factor—if not the main factor—because weddings are generally expensive. However, if you need to rent additional suits for other events, renting your suit may end up being more expensive. At the same time, if you will not wear your tuxedo frequently, renting one might be a good idea since you won’t have to worry about the cost of having your tuxedo cleaned again.

The cost to rent a tuxedo varies depending on the seller and brand. Rental fees for wedding suits typically range from $100 to $200, though they may be higher or lower depending on these and other considerations. When renting a tuxedo, the price usually includes a package of accessories like a shirt, pants, shoes, and cufflinks. However, if you rent your suit at the last minute, these costs may increase even further to reflect a “rush fee.”

The following advantages and disadvantages might help you if you are still unsure about renting or purchasing a suit or tuxedo for a wedding.

Pros of buying your wedding attire

You can tailor it to fit perfectly. A good fit means you’ll be at ease, confident, and able to impress others.

It can pay for itself. According to research, purchasing a tuxedo is more cost-effective than renting one after about two uses: that is, if you attend at least one other formal event while wearing your tuxedo, you will have made the purchase worthwhile. You will be prepared, save time and money, and avoid potential stress caused by the search for a suit to wear to an upcoming event.

It’s brand-new. You won’t need to worry about whether someone else has worn the suit before.

Wider selection to choose from. When you purchase your tuxedo from a formalwear retailer, you will be able to select from a wide range of styles, colors, and accessories. They may also provide personalized services that are tailored to your specific requirements. You are guaranteed to find the perfect tuxedo for you when you buy it, whether you want a classic black tuxedo, your style is colorful and showy, or you are looking for a more vintage style.

Cons of buying your wedding attire

Purchasing is more expensive. There is no getting around the fact that tuxedos can be pricey. They are more expensive than suits, and purchasing a tux will cost you three times as much as renting one. To get a better deal, it’s worth waiting for a sale, which does happen occasionally.

It will no longer fit you properly if your body changes. Your tux might not look as good as it once did if you gain or lose weight after having it tailored, and you’ll be right back where you started.

You might never need to wear a tux again. It will be expensive if you only use it once, similar to how expensive it is to wear a wedding gown just once.

Pros of renting your wedding attire

Renting can be less expensive. Renting is the best option if the groom will only be wearing the tuxedo once.

You can afford a higher-end tuxedo. By renting it, you can easily afford a high-end brand product. Renting a high-end tuxedo or suit will make it easier for you to afford it than purchasing one would.

Help to save your time and energy. You can save time and effort by renting a tuxedo because you won’t need to worry about alterations or dry cleaning in the future.

It comes with all the accessories. It gives you more value because most rental tuxedos include accessories. So you won’t have to spend any extra money on a shirt, shoes, cufflinks, or tie. Unless you decide to upgrade or change the look

Cons of renting your wedding attire

Someone else has already worn it. You never know who wore tuxedos and suits before them or how hygienic they were, which is one of the biggest drawbacks of renting them. However, a high-quality rental shop will clean its tuxedos thoroughly.

Tailoring and customization options are limited. A tailor can adjust the length of the pants and sleeves by adding or removing temporary stitches. If you are extra tall or on the larger or smaller side, you may find that rental tuxedos do not fit you properly.

You miss out on the satisfaction of owning your tuxedo. You cannot keep the suit after the wedding, and if it is damaged, you may incur additional costs.

Basically, it depends on your budget & lifestyle

By weighing the pros and cons listed above, you can decide which option is most suitable for your needs and budget. Whatever you decide, get it tailored and make sure it fits properly. Nothing is more embarrassing than an ill-fitting suit. The bride puts a lot of thought and effort into her attire. You should put in a similar amount of effort to ensure that you look your best.


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