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Tips for Stunning Plus-Size Wedding Dresses Shopping

Choosing the perfect wedding dress is the foundation of every girl’s dream wedding. It’s something you might have fantasized about as a child. If only finding the perfect dress could be as simple as it was in our childhood fantasies, am I right?

Wedding gown shopping should be an exciting experience. However, many curvy brides have expressed that they experience stress and anxiety while shopping for their wedding gowns. Finding one can be difficult, especially if you do not fit into standard-sized dresses. You might feel overwhelmed trying to find gorgeous plus-size wedding dresses to fit your gorgeous full figure.

We at Wedding Secrets compiled advice & tips from experts in bridal fashion to help bride-to-be to feel perfect, to find the best dress on the market, and to shine on like a star on the wedding day.
Look for bridal shops that specialize in plus sizes. Shopping for your wedding dress is inherently stressful, no matter what size you are. Don’t let your dress size dictate your happiness!

According to experts, plus-size bridal shops have the best selection of sizes and are the most knowledgeable about plus-size brides. Nothing is more flattering than a bridal gown that has been custom-made to fit properly around with no unflattering pulling, sagging, or extra fabric where it shouldn’t be, and no unsightly bulges. Customizing a gown is the ONLY way to ensure that it fits perfectly, which is the most flattering factor overall.

Conduct a research

Do some research if you don’t have a plus-size wedding dress shop nearby. Research cuts, styles, designers, and materials, and call or email ahead boutiques near you to learn what ranges and sizing they can offer you as a plus bride, as well as to avoid wasting time traveling to shops that aren’t plus size accommodating.
Bring your most trusted friends and family to your fittings

Bring along people you can trust to give you their honest but kind opinions

This is especially important when trying on wedding dresses. The idea is to surround yourself with a close-knit group of people who will support you and offer you their candid advice in the gentlest way possible. Support is crucial during appointments to shop for wedding dresses. Start thinking about people who will bolster your confidence and get you pumped up as you decide who to bring to your appointments with you. While some women find it best to bring a sizable group, others prefer to stick with just their mother. Leave anyone at home if you believe they won’t contribute to the experience being enjoyable. Your bridal appointment will be so much better when you’re not surrounded with negative comments about your style or size, even if they’re from well-meaning relatives.

Having a realistic budget for the dream gown

One of the most common mistakes that brides make is not finalizing their budget for a wedding gown. When a bride enters a bridal boutique without a set budget, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by her guests’ choices and opinions—and fall in love with a dress that’s not in the budget. Knowing how much you can spend on a gown allows you to focus on your shopping process. Then, look up boutique designers, online merchants, and retailers in your price range. When visiting a store, politely request that they only show you dresses within your price range, and be cautious: “in the retail bridal world, there are countless anecdotes of salespeople dressing brides in dresses way over their budget.

Don’t wait to shop until you lose weight

Many brides strive to lose weight before the big day, but we have seen far too many brides put off going dress shopping because they are trying to lose weight before the wedding. Experts advise starting your search at least eight months before your wedding date to ensure that your gown can be made and shipped to the salon in time for alterations.

Seriously, life is too short, so unless it’s something you feel really empowered to do, forget about dieting before the wedding and enjoy all the celebrations that surround being engaged instead. A dress that suits you and fits correctly will look amazing no matter your size.

Be open-minded

When it comes time to shop for the dress, you’ve probably done a lot of research on the most flattering silhouettes for your body type, which is fantastic. However, keep an open mind as well. Try on the dress silhouettes you think you’ll adore, but don’t be afraid to experiment with items that might not be typically comfortable for you. “Let your bridal stylist make suggestions, and be open to things you may not have considered. You might be completely surprised by what you like!

We all have different curves, and dresses come in a variety of shapes. One woman will look stunning in a mermaid shape dress, while another will not; it all depends on a variety of factors. The main point is that you should not have only one vision of your magical gown. Try something new, open your mind, and think outside the box.

Wear your desired undergarments

Bring and try on all the appropriate undergarments at every fitting can help you better envision your final look the day of your wedding. Shapewear is often used to achieve a slimmer and flatter figure but it can also be used to provide a little extra coverage and support. Some undergarments that you may need to consider are a supportive bra, Spanx, high-waist shapewear, seamless underwear, or a form-fitted slip gown. Try to opt for a white or nude color bra as most gowns will be in those shades.

Do what makes you feel most comfortable

When trying on a gown, sit down in it as well as stand up to check that it is comfortable and does not bulge in an unattractive way. Are you able to move correctly? Can you dance in that gown? Does it appear attractive from behind? Put on some heels and take a short stroll to help you decide if that dress is the right one for you.

Wearing a well-fitting wedding gown will ensure that you are comfortable and able to enjoy every moment of your special day. Worrying that your breasts will fall out all night because your dress is too small can take the luster off your wedding day. That is why it is critical to choose an outfit that makes you feel fabulous.

Whatever you end up wearing, there is no doubt in my mind that you will be exceptional because even without the outfit, you already are!


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