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Tips For Hosting a Summer Wedding

Summertime is often thought of as the prime wedding season. Summer weddings often include bright colours, airy fabrics and fresh, farm-to-table inspired foods. There is plenty of theme inspiration during this time of year, as well as more than a few blooming flowers. Plan your summer wedding carefully and keep several factors in mind. Cheers, friends! No matter if your dream day involves a rustic rural celebration or a casual backyard garden party, we’re here to help make it a reality. During the summer, there are a lot of weddings and we decided to help you make yours stand out from the rest – some classics, some creative, and some unexpected ideas that will impress your guests! 

Early planning is of utmost importance. 

It is not necessary to begin planning your wedding as soon as you find out you are getting engaged. The most important thing that we recommend before going into all of the details is to enjoy your partner’s company and have fun. The earlier you start planning, the more likely you are to be able to have your dream wedding. If you are planning a summer wedding, however, you should start as soon as possible. Getting married during the summer is generally a very  popular choice. In order to secure the best venues, dates, and vendors for your wedding, it’s important to begin planning early.  

Don’t Get Overwhelmed By Your Budget 

First, you need to develop a wedding budget; it guides the rest of your planning. Your location as well as the style of your wedding will determine how much your wedding will cost. During certain times of the year, costs may vary. Summer can be a more expensive time for wedding services because more people get married. You should therefore plan to allocate more budget to your venue and vendor services. Prices are often subject to change and should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, but there is a possibility of paying more for a summer wedding. Set a realistic budget for your wedding with your partner (and anyone else contributing, like your parents or in-laws). 

Don’t be too rigid about your date 

The summer wedding season is very popular, so plan to be flexible about the date. The most popular date for a June wedding may be Saturday afternoon, but you may be able to book more of your preferred vendors on a Friday evening or a Sunday morning – weekday weddings are also a possibility. 

When selecting the date of your wedding, keep these factors in mind. Since it is your day, you should feel empowered to make decisions that best suit your vision. When planning, you should also keep in mind that you might face some roadblocks.

Invest in durable decor and nutritious food 

Despite having no intention of skimping on your wedding vision, you have to be realistic about certain elements that will (and will not) work during the summer season, specifically flowers and food. If it is very warm outside, take this into consideration when planning your food and desserts, so that you don’t end up with a cake that melts. Ask your venue to store your summer wedding cake (and other food offerings) in a cool place until the time comes for serving. Work with your caterer to create a summery menu. This will prevent you from worrying that your food will not hold up in the heat of a summer wedding.

Colour your wedding in a summery palette 

Summer is the perfect time to use bright, pastel wedding colors or airy fabrics like linen or tulle. Pick a theme for your big day that suits your creativity. Your summer wedding theme can also be based on your chosen season. If you’re having a beach wedding or waterfront affair, you might prefer a nautical theme. If you want an outdoor summer wedding, maybe you would prefer a rustic country theme in a barn or your backyard. As with the colour of your wedding theme, choosing a bridesmaid dress that shows sweat is a terrible idea! Whatever your style, use color schemes or themes that reflect the season — it’ll make the day feel more thoughtful and intentional.

Plan for a backup venue 

It is believed that rain on your wedding day will bring you good luck. In the event of a sprinkle on your special day, you should have a plan for a backup venue. Almost all locations will have an indoor space reserved in case of inclement weather, or they may have rentals to use if necessary. It is always a good idea to ask venue staff about different options they can provide in case you have to move the party inside due to weather concerns, as this will help you select the correct venue.Be sure to plan for afternoon showers.

 A summer storm is notorious for popping up out of nowhere and threatening to dampen your celebration. To avoid being caught by surprise, plan a rain plan with your wedding planner for all outdoor activities.

 During the summer months, though, you might want to consider renting a tent to protect from the hot sun or unexpected rain clouds. If you are hosting a backyard wedding at your own home or if your venue does not offer rentals onsite, it is recommended that you work directly with a rental company. Even if it’s hot in the summer, evenings can still be breezy, especially if your wedding will take place near the water. 

Summer parties begin and end late at night. If it is going to be a cool night, then patio heaters and sidewalls will be the perfect addition to keep your guests comfortable.  

Seasonal Flowers

Identify in-season blooms that fit your theme and overall vision by working with your florist. Consider using succulents or tropical florals like anthuriums, orchids, proteas, or leafy greenery to avoid this completely. Some blooms wilt at higher temperatures, such as gardenias or hydrangeas. Even so, you might want to pair them with some heat-resistant plants to avoid over-withered flowers. 

Additionally, ask your bridesmaid to hold your bouquet in a shady spot or place it in a vase of cool water when your photographer isn’t taking pictures. In the summer heat, keep a spray water bottle in your garden so you can mist your blooms every few hours.

Stay hydrated.

Please stay hydrated, so that you and your bridal party are as alert as possible. It is going to be hot this summer, so your body will be losing water rapidly. Making sure you drink enough water will help ensure that you don’t suffer from fatigue, headaches, and heat stroke.

Be kind to your guests

During the summer, the wedding ceremony should be held in an open space. You should always remember that your guests will sit (or stand) during your ceremony, so even if you and your husband-to-be are under cover, please consider them. Make them comfortable by offering them umbrellas and cool drinks! 

Make sure you are dressed for the weather 

Whether you are getting married in a church or at a reception, fashion plays an important role. If you’re saying “I do” in the middle of summer, you may want to opt for more comfortable fabrics and styles. 

The most important thing is to feel comfortable in your wedding dress or suit, so don’t feel constrained by traditional style rules. When shopping for your wedding outfit, look for fabrics that are breathable and won’t feel hot or stuffy outside, such as chiffon, silk, cotton, linen or net. Comfort is enhanced with functional silhouettes, such as short sleeves, convertible dress skirts, and relaxed-fit suit jackets. 

Dressing appropriately for the weather is not just for brides. This is even for the bridesmaids. It is undesirable for a bridesmaid’s sweat to be visible through their dress. When choosing a wedding color for the summer be careful of this. Sweat stains will still show through if the dress has no sleeves!

 Be sure to consider the weather forecast when planning your bridal hairstyle and makeup. In warm summer temperatures, you will feel more confident and comfortable wearing a look that you can depend on from your glam squad. When choosing your attire, remember to keep in mind how you’ll feel on the dance floor during the reception. Make your fashion choices accordingly. 

Plan a seasonally appropriate menu 

A summer barbecue means fresh, light foods, seafood, and chilled drinks. Consider seasonal trends when planning your summer wedding menu. It’s not hard to find a meal that’ll bring out the season. To find food and beverage ideas, look locally and seasonally. With local produce, fresh herbs and wildflowers, you will add a wonderful touch to your menu, and your location will come alive through their small details.To find food and beverage ideas, look locally and seasonally. With local produce, fresh herbs and wildflowers, you will add a wonderful touch to your menu, and your location will come alive through their small details. To find food and beverage ideas, look locally and seasonally. The local produce, fresh herbs, and wildflowers you use in your menu will help bring your location to life. Also, we recommend serving some summery signature cocktails. Fruity sangria, popsicles with champagne, wine spritzers and citrusy mojitos are all perfect drinks. Summer is also known as “rosé season,” meaning that it is the perfect opportunity to serve guests this popular pink wine – or even better, a summery rosé cocktail.

Taking advantage of your caterer and venue’s experience to create a menu that will have your guests raving about their meals is the best way to ensure a delicious wedding feast.  

Sunblock reminder

One of the best summer wedding tips you can offer your guests is to remind them to bring sunblock in the invitations. It would be horrible if all your guests brought back severe sunburns from your wedding day!

 Stay on schedule

Maintain a tight schedule! Starting your ceremony on time is the most attractive aspect of your wedding. Plan ahead and allow yourself more time than you think you’ll need. As you prepare for the day, take pictures, and travel from one place to another, the time will go by quickly. Don’t let your wedding guests burn in the sun!

Though the comfort of your guests is important, remember that this day is about the happy couple (mostly the bride)! Keep these summer wedding tips in mind when planning your wedding, but style it according to your personal style and design preferences. Plan a wedding you’ll remember forever.


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