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Elegance Unveiled: Nailing the Wedding Outfit, and the Artistry of Hair and Makeup


Surely you want to embody elegance and immaculacy on your wedding day. Among the myriad of decisions that you must make, the selection of the wedding dress, groom’s suit, and wedding hair and makeup are integral components that contribute to the overall ambiance and aesthetics of the day. This package is just right as it holds the power to transform an ordinary wedding into an extraordinary, enchanting affair!


In the grand tapestry of a wedding, the dress, the groom’s suit, wedding hair, and makeup are threads that interweave to create an enchanting narrative. They are elements that stand as a testament to your unique story, your personal style, and your commitment to each other. These choices reflect not only trends but also the eternal essence of love and romance, creating memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. As time continues to progress, the art of crafting the perfect wedding ensemble remains an enduring tradition that unites the past, present, and future in a celebration of elegance and love.

Wedding planning is exhilarating yet exhausting, and surely you only want one “E” on your wedding day. For a pristine and ELEGANT look, check out this package to get:

  1. Wedding Planning Module Course on Wedding Dress, Tuxedo, Wedding Party Wear, and Hair and Make-up — Be guided with the trends that match your style with our up-to-date modules and ensure that the bits and pieces of your wedding attire scream sophistication, charisma, and confidence.
  2. Wedding Industry Expert Virtual Interviews from Stylicious Styling, The White Room, and Benetti Menswear — Be empowered with advice and tips by no less than the style and attire aficionados whose words are a convergence of aspirations and allure.
  3. 12-month wedding planning e-magazine — Tick the boxes sequentially throughout your 12-month wedding planning with our guaranteed e-magazine!
  4. Wedding Ideas, Planning, & Inspiration e-magazine — Tweak your dream wedding with these latest and stunning ideas and inspiration from our expertly-made e-magazine.
  5. BONUS Must-Know and Tips & Tricks Wedding Episodes — Get ahead and transform your wedding with these tips and tricks from our BONUS episodes!

**We know that wedding planning is extremely hard, so AUDIBLES and READABLES are conveniently made for a BUSY BEE like you!**


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