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Beyond ‘Happily Ever After’: Unveiling the Honeymoon, Marriage Health, and Wellness Journey


The institution of marriage is a sacred bond that celebrates love, commitment, and unity between two individuals. As you prepare to embark on this lifelong journey together, you engage in a series of meaningful rituals that symbolize your devotion and mark the beginning of a new chapter in your life. This package is all about the three essential aspects of this process: writing wedding vows, obtaining a marriage license, and embarking on a joyous honeymoon!


Writing wedding vows, obtaining a marriage license, and embarking on a honeymoon are three interconnected aspects of the beautiful tapestry that is marriage. Each element holds its own significance, representing the emotional, legal, and experiential dimensions of your journey. As you navigate through these steps, you weave a narrative that encapsulates your love story, commitment, and shared dreams. It is in the harmonious interplay of these elements that the true essence of marriage is realized, fostering a bond that withstands the tests of time and unites hearts in a lifelong partnership.

As much as you want a perfect wedding day, you also want to secure a harmonious road to forever, right? This package is made just for that as it includes: 

  1. Wedding Planning Module Course on Wedding Vows, Marriage License, and Honeymoon — Be guided on notes in writing your wedding vows, the intricacies of obtaining a wedding license, and booking your honeymoon destination with our expert-made modules.
  2. Wedding Industry Expert Virtual Interviews from Quixotic Vacations, Life Event Counseling, and Body By G — Visualize a smooth-sailing wedding and honeymoon with experts in the field of counseling, vacations, and relaxation.
  3. 12-month wedding planning e-magazine — Tick the boxes sequentially throughout your 12-month wedding planning with our guaranteed e-magazine!
  4. Wedding Ideas, Planning, & Inspiration e-magazine — Tweak your dream wedding with these latest and stunning ideas and inspiration from our expertly-made e-magazine.
  5. BONUS Must-Know and Tips & Tricks Wedding Episodes — Get ahead and transform your wedding with these tips and tricks from our BONUS episodes!

**We know that wedding planning is extremely hard, so AUDIBLES and READABLES are conveniently made for a BUSY BEE like you!**


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