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Everything You Need to Know for Picking The Perfect Wedding Venue

Have you ever imagined walking down the aisle of a church and meeting the most handsome man you’ve ever met in your life waiting for you to say your “I do’s”? Or how about a more relaxing view, such as a beach-side view, a skyline view, or, if you really want to go all out, the ocean view on a cruise? You have your pick, but regardless of the location of your ceremony, it will undoubtedly be one of the most magical moments of your life.

A wedding venue sets the tone and impacts all aspects of the event. It’s important to start your venue search at least a year out! The earlier you begin looking at venues, the better your chances of finding one that meets your requirements. Getting started early also allows you to view a variety of wedding venues, giving you a better chance of finding a location that meets your needs.

However, finding the right venue isn’t easy and there are many options to choose from. That is why it is essential to be prepared, conduct thorough research, and ask all important questions. To help you in finding the perfect venue, we’ve come up with this wedding venue guide and checklist.

Set a realistic budget

Nothing is more disappointing than finding what appears to be your dream venue only to discover that it does not fit within your wedding budget. Organize your overall budget by category, giving more money to vendors who are more important. Start by allocating a certain portion of your budget to each category. Then, depending on the significance of the vendor, make adjustments as necessary. Don’t forget to take the venue’s costs into account as a whole. While some venues may include a few key event services in their overall price quote, others may charge extra for the same services.

Wedding Secrets Tip: Uncertain about the price breakdown in your area? Get more specific information than you’ll find online by consulting a local planner.

Pick a location

The location of the wedding venue is an important consideration when planning a wedding. This is because, once the couple has decided on an elegant wedding venue, every other detail, such as decor and color, should fall into place. A common mistake that couples make when selecting a venue is falling in love with the aesthetic. They then sign a contract without considering the practical aspects of the venue. The couple should keep in mind that choosing a venue entails more than just picking a location they like. It also entails meeting all of the couple’s wedding requirements.

Wedding Secrets Tip: To reduce the possibility of your guests being late, provide them with a mobile event app. If the venue is on a large site, using maps with pins can be extremely useful.

Determine your wedding style

Your wedding venue should be a place that reflects your style and personality. If you’re hoping to have an ultra-glam wedding then country clubs and ballrooms are a great starting point. However, if you feel like somewhat of a city slicker, then there are plenty of city-based venues in which you can say ‘I Do’. You can even find a wedding venue by the sea, at the top of a mountain, on a yacht, or in the middle of a desert!

Wedding Secrets Tip: You won’t be able to find a venue that fits your plans unless you know what kind of wedding style and aesthetic you want.

Consider about what is included

Each wedding venue will offer a variety of wedding packages that can typically be tailored to each couple’s preferences and needs. Make sure you clearly understand the cost before making a reservation; it should be openly disclosed to you from the beginning. If you’re looking at full-service venues where you can bring in your own vendors and décor, make sure to price everything out. A venue where you don’t need to rent anything might be more expensive up front than one where you do, but you should get a rental estimate to compare costs once you factor in the cost of renting your own supplies.

Wedding Secrets Tip: Keep in mind that the rental items that are already included are frequently more basic (white linens, regular flatware, banquet chairs, etc.), so you might still have to pay more to rent items that are more in line with your vision. And remember to consider the tax and the gratuity in your calculations if you’re working with a venue that offers in-house catering and has a food and beverage minimum.

Know your guest list

You won’t be able to choose a wedding venue that can accommodate your number of guests unless you have a firm grasp on your guest count. By the time you start looking for a venue, you should have a rough idea of how many people will be attending. You don’t want to squeeze 300 people into a space designed for 30! There should be enough space for everyone to move around without feeling crowded, as well as for the dance floor, seating arrangements, and table arrangements. On the other hand, you don’t want too much extra space. If only 30 people are in a room designed for 300, it may feel empty and lack that cozy, intimate feel.

Wedding Secrets Tip: Even if you are unsure of your exact guest list, you include extra room for plus ones and those you may have forgotten. Because the space capacity sets the tone for the entire event, the venue you choose should be appropriate for the number of people you anticipate.

Check entertainment options

When it comes to wedding entertainment, there are many opportunities to have a good time. If you intend to go all out with circus performers, sparklers, and fireworks, make sure your venue will allow it before you do so, especially if the entertainment involves fire.
Even if you choose a more traditional form of entertainment, such as a wedding band or DJ, it’s essential to make sure that your venue has the space and facilities to accommodate your entertainment. If you’re planning a summer wedding, you should also check to see if the venue allows outdoor music and at what time loud noise is prohibited.

Read reviews

Research the place before exchanging vows there. Unless a venue is brand new to weddings, couples will have married there, and seeing how your potential wedding venue looks on a wedding day is extremely helpful. This can be as simple as searching your venue plus wedding on Google or looking for photographers who have worked there on social media. Real wedding photos provide you with knowledge of how the space is used.

Wedding Secrets Tip: Give time to read all the reviews. Brides who have been there and done that will provide the most reliable and honest account.

Always ask about deals or offers

Weddings are pricey, but they also compete in a very cutthroat market, so if you can try to save some cash and the venue is willing to offer some sort of deal, it is worth trying. Some locations might give you the bridal suite for the evening, while others might offer you a number of less expensive rooms that your guests can reserve. Even the smallest details can have an impact on your overall budget. You might be able to secure yourself welcome drinks or canapes.

After making several site visits, you might have a list of locations that meet all your criteria. It’s going to come down to a good old-fashioned gut check at this point. If you’re lucky enough to have multiple places that fit your overall criteria and budget, pick the one that makes you feel the best! Trust your instincts. You will know when you are standing in the space where you will begin a wonderful life with your person.
There is no denying that the perfect wedding location goes a long way in ensuring that all the guests arrive and leave happy. Eventually, it will be a wonderful occasion for everyone.

Wedding Secrets Tip: Make sure that the contract includes everything you’ve been promised.


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