Wedding Secrets

We were founded in 2020 with a vision to bring unique tips, tricks, and resources to amazing couples planning their dream wedding.

Our goal is to help couples plan their ultimate fairytale wedding – without the stress.

Our Story

We are here to help couples plan their dream wedding with minimum stress through our many resources.

How It Started

Wedding secrets started as a way to help couples learn all of the secrets that happen behind the scenes, to help them gain access to information that isn’t otherwise provided.  Our struggles to learn everything we could about each facet of this industry pale in comparison to the multitudes of people we can help with the secrets we have gathered. We offer many resources, and we are always here if you have a question regarding the planning process or even if you just need a shoulder to lie on!

Our Mission

It is our mission at Wedding Secrets to ensure that every couple who begins to feel lost or confused in the process of planning their wedding, have a place to turn to where they can get a clearly defined answer.

A Life Lived In Love Will Never Be Dull.

Leo Buscaglia

What We Offer

We are here to help couples plan their dream wedding with minimum stress through our many resources.

Free Virtual Summit

30 amazing speakers who are professionals from the wedding industry worldwide.

YouTube Channel

Our YouTube channel features many interesting and unique YouTube videos looking at every wedding aspect.

Wedding Budgeting

We offer an amazing wedding budgeting package to help you budget for a fairtytale wedding.

Support & Advice

Do you have a question that you just cannot find the answer to? We are here to help!

Venue & Vendors

We offer an excellent wedding venue & vendors package to help you find the best of vendors.

Tips & Tricks

We have been in the wedding industry over a decade, We know all of the top wedding tips & tricks!

Average Wedding Costs 2019

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$ 1 k
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$ 1 k

Top Resources

Budgeting Package

The Summit

Venue & Vendors Package

Get In Touch!

We love speaking to all of the amazing couples who get in contact and would love nothing more than to hear from you! 

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