Brides-to-be: The essential tips

Get a pair of seamless
nude underwear

When you’re shopping for dresses, you don’t necessarily think about camera flashes and lighting. There’s nothing more important than feeling gorgeous. If you’re wearing a ball gown with a full skirt and lots of tulle underneath, this may not matter too much. For example, you’ll want to ensure that no part of your dress is visible if it’s form-fitting or made from a light material. To make the dress opaque, add a slip if it gets a little revealing.

Make a wish list of
“maybe” items

A lot of people will look at your wish list to select a gift for you. If the choices are limited, they’ll go elsewhere. You will not automatically receive a check (sorry!) Then if you don’t like what they select, you will probably have to scour the city to return them along with other gifts. Of course, you have to know where they come from to make that assessment. If not, you’re keeping them. Adding things you might want to the list is not a good idea if you think you won’t use them, but you can add them if you think you would like them. If you return it, you’ll at least receive credit from a store you like.

Make sure to book a spa appointment
a week before the wedding

Despite making most of the decisions and having everything in order, things can get a little stressful as your wedding day approaches. You will probably need some time to yourself during your honeymoon, between finishing up work and completing seating assignments. You can schedule a facial or a massage the weekend before, get to the spa early, and read a magazine until your turn comes.

Have a bottle of water nearby when
you take pictures

There is a widespread myth that locking your knees during the ceremony will cause you to faint. Taking pictures in advance can also result in overheating, so you need to be careful. As an aside, We think that pre-ceremony photos are the perfect solution – you still get to see each other even if you aren’t walking down the aisle, and you can then enjoy your reception right away without having to wait.

Choose a bathroom buddy

A long dress with layers of fabric and/or a petticoat makes it difficult to pee. Perhaps someone will need to come with you into the stall to assist you.

Take your honeymoon right away

In the beginning, we recommend taking the airplane mini-vacation after the wedding and then going on a real honeymoon later on. It is really nice to have some alone time with your new spouse after the wedding weekend was so hectic. In addition, you can expect your coworkers to respect your time away from the office and will even encourage you to refrain from checking your email. If not, you can call it a honeymoon, but it may be seen as an ordinary trip by them.

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